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Welcome to the exciting adventure of flying hedgehog. Flying hedgehog you say it is impossible, try to play this poop game and see what it is.

How to play

Task is simple. Pressing the left mouse click try to stay in air. In this flying trip there so many obstacles and other problems, which make game harder to play. Look careful on screen and try to collect orange shining balls. That balls make your hedgehog smaller or bigger, it depends on situation where you are. Relax and don’t worry for game over, because you have an endless chance to pass a level. More suitable situation is when you quit the game, you just simple go back and continue to play, where you finished last time. One of the best poop games is waiting for you.

More about the game

At homepage in bottom see exactly what you doing during playing this fly poop game. How many clones you spend, how many missions you pass. You have 300 missions to play, exactly that means so much fun time. Try to pick as many as you can the achievements. 54 is number that you need. And finally how many levels you have available. One hundred is that number. If you still don’t believe, go immediately to play this game and quit a reading these text 🙂

Enjoy and have fun in this badland. Remember, a time is not important, only happiness and satisfaction are essential.


In Badland you just need a mouse. Pressing on left click you fly, and it’s just important.

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