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Berzerk Ball 2

About the game

Hit your geek into an air. Collect a lot of tokens. Upgrade your your flying Berzerk guy and fly as many as you can

How to play

Choose one of your hitters and ready for some launch into a sky. After that pick your favorite clothes for your geek, pick right hair style, change his name and just press go. Main task is stay as longer as your fat boy can. So you must help him in lot of ways. First pick a right height for his journey in the air. Now choose power which wanna he rocketed. Of course try to press when travel cursor be on the top. In that way your air trip will be more longer. Also take care about a wind and try to catch right cloud to get more meters, before you landing to the ground. After each bringing to sky you have an opportunity to upgrade your geek or your launching machine. Good luck with your firing.


On your screen there’s a map with many options and all that it’s for easier pass a levels. After each stop when you launched that madman, you can go to map and pick one of four options to make fly easier. Play ball is of course your main screen battle ground of Berzerk ball 2, but you must know something about the others sub menus.

Forge – This options on your map brings you a lot of opportunity to mixed your picked weapon. You collect a random stuff when you flying and after that you can go to blacksmith to forge. We talking about levers. There’s are several gold, silver and bronze levers in this game.

Home – In this part of game see everything what you do during the play this poop game. You can see whit which hitter you are the best. Pick bat or horseshoe to be better. In team options see how many you have an experience with all of your powerful hitters. Create a twelve geeks and watch every on of them scoreboards. Earn a lot of trophies. Every pass yard is important, so you can get info about this stuff.

Shop – Collect money during fly and use it for buy a new stuffs. Buy some items who get help you to get more yards with Berzerk. There’s a plenty of weapons and many different things: knife, ax, crutch, nightstick, lollipop, corn cob, cactus, fish bone, severed hand, bat, hockey stick, golf clubs. Also you can buy this: drumstick, torch, glue, aces, pliers, motorcangle, twine, mace, hook, sword, spear, dagger, machete, two hand ax.

Berzerk Ball 2 - Map
Berzerk Ball 2 – Map


  • Etienne – Crazy red hair guy. His special ability is bruiser. It’s looks like dead head icon.
  • Marcus – Unbelievable smash mate. Don’t mass with him, it will be a problem. With his no sleeves t-shirt make that an impossible become a possible. He has creep magnet as a special ability.
  • Lachhh – These blind guy is not bad, but he has a very turbulent past. Now he is so concentrated to do job like he should. Rebound master is his second name.
  • Ballon – Bald robot who waits a right time to bring some hair on his metal head. His fists are so strong that leaves no one indifferent. Hairy knuckles is his strength.
  • Bed – Probably the best football player hiding into costume of Special Forces from prison. His mask over his face make him so scary. Iron man it is.
  • V-P – Terrifying wild beauty. She is always ready for some action. Her katana is so sharp, so be careful. Greasy stuntman make so easy when she play.
Berzerk Ball 2 - Hitters
Berzerk Ball 2 – Hitters


Use your mouse to play this unblocked poop game.

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