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Foot Doctor

In front of you is one of the best virtual games in terms of the various conditions of your feet. Not only is this game interesting, but it is also very instructive. Of course not prepurecno for people with a weak stomach, since it has an, at first glance, the dirty parts. Have you ever felt the itch on your feet, if so, it means that your feet are ready for downloading various bacteria with them. If you often answers this problem, go to the doctor, maybe he can help you. To make sure the doctor are actually doing with your feet in that regard, try to discover themselves. Did you hurt your leg. Not a big deal, do not be afraid, the doctor has a solution for everything. If the injury is minor in nature, the doctor will only clean the wound with alcohol. If, however, a little more serious injuries, with higher cut, will have to be sutured wound. The first uses of iodine and then a little loose, and eventually put a Band-Aid. Realistically, you have often happened that when you’re barefoot, hitting a leg in a chair or settee or sofa. Finger turns blue course you badly and you need something to do on this point. Foot doctor is always there for you. You’ll put a cold compress, but after passing the island, will put a bandage on the injured finger. You’ll have it comin ‘to rewind, or if the soil every day to be better and healthier, and bluish colors with your fingers slowly will disappear. What happened to you is safe and that you are bitten by a mosquito or some other creature. On foot you create growths. Please come to the doctor, because he has a solution for everything. If there are many strong jab, will give you an injection to help protect the body from the far expanse of the patient places on foot. Dace you drink adequate medication and everything will go well. Srogo rest and regular washing of the feet, because in this way prevent possible infections. It should take care of your feet. For us they were needed. Foot doctor is always there to help you in case of need. Legs you need to walk, but when he sets healthier. Because as they say in a healthy body, healthy mind. Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game

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