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Poo Dumper

A great game in front of you. Up to you to show how you are chauffeur when driving someone else’s shit. Maybe you are sloppy work, but it is very good thumbs, so why would not rehearsed it in the virtual life seems to be a trucker. At the beginning you’ll have to wait for that gentleman with wood finish their physiological needs. Then moving action. Moras in the shortest possible time to deliver poop tour through the hills and valleys, and that the less material spill out of the trailer. Time is running out and you got to hurry, you’re just gonna thus ancestors to the next level. Of course the price is the thesis level, but of course in accordance with Honestly life, including here. Being Poo Dumper is really hard, cause this game and show. It is simple to play. You use the arrow keys to control and space for the delivery poop in the trailer. Good luck and remember, car is too great sorrow, because when you have a flat tire, shit happens.