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Pooper Trooper

You are a monkey riding a dog on the wild west!Yes you read it right, this is one of the craziest and most challenging poop games! Your task is not easy, you will need to perform multiple things at the same time if you want to beat this challenging game, your task is to successfully solve and avoid all the obstacles that you find along the way, which means you will often have to be separate from your dog in order to jump on the ledge above you and pulled the handle that opens the door that are below you, and many other similar situations that you will have to resolve in order to reach the finish.Throw the bananas in order to open the door or avoid some of the many obstacles that will be on your way.Enjoy this crazy poop game and have fun! Instructions: X – To throw poo. Z – To jump. Hold Z – To glide. Z+Z – To double jump.

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