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Welcome to Poopshot!!!

A nice sunny day. You’re at the beach, sunbathe until the waves lapping the shore. Hear the noise of the birds. Of course these are the seagulls …. Play this game, so what are you going to be naughty seagull. While you have to fly at the appropriate time to press the button space to let out a poo and hit the people who are sunbathing. For that you have a certain time, but the number of attempted shots. At the time you have to pay attention, because it inevitably runs, but if you run out of “ammo” for shooting, try to map to find her a man who throws chips into the air. ‘ve Got to be eaten the chips, to fill your stomach. When you have eaten well, you’ll have the opportunity to once again you hit people. Of course it’s a game with levels, so start right away on an adventure. See you why are seagulls The Government and must, among birds.

Use your keyboard arrows to steer and space button to drop a “bomb”.

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