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Poppy Bert

Fat man stomach hurts so much to think that it will take off, and I’m afraid that is not shit himself. This is exactly what happens …. When you fly you have to watch the kakus which are placed so that they do not at all naive She looks at the level that you pass. Take it on the other hand, if you went to the toilet urgently, whether you wanted at all costs to get to the finish line, that is, the toilet bowl. While you’re flying commode shit will fly everywhere, so do not let them hamper. How to fly Istria is full time you want to raise your in the air you have to click with the left mouse click, in order not to fall to the ground or hit a cactus, it would be game over. A little dirty game, but very instructive, waiting for you. When the going gets tough there is a toilet, but what happens when he’s not around … Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.

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